AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set list

  • Rock N Roll Train
  • Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
  • Back In Black
  • Big Jack
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Shot Down In Flames
  • Thunderstruck
  • Black Ice
  • The Jack
  • Hells Bells
  • Shoot To Thrill
  • War Machine
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Anything Goes
  • You Shook Me All Night Long
  • T.N.T.
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Let There Be Rock
  • Fling Thing
  • Highway To Hell
  • For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
  • Line Up

    Angus Young - Lead Guitar
    Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
    Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
    Cliff Williams - Bass
    Phil Rudd - Drums


    Supported by: The Answer, The Subways

    Tickets: £55.00/60.00

    Promoter: DF Concerts

    Capacity: 52,000

    Attendance: 52,000


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  • Fan reviews:

    By Charlene Moffat, Scalloway, Shetland:
    This was not only the BIGGEST concert of all time but it was the BEST concert of all time! It was totally and utterly mindblowingly amazing!!! I have never seen AC/DC before but my god if I can I will see them again! They are the Best Band to ever walk the planet. Long may they continue to blow the minds of the world! AC/DC WE SALUTE YOU!!!!

    By Jonathan Russell, Aberdeen, Scotland:
    Hampden was set for the arrival of the true heroes of Rock, 55,000 bodies sweating in the humid evening with the massive stage being bathed in late evening sunshine. From the moment the lads hit the stage, the crowd went bonkers. I've listened to these guys for 30 years and to see them here, in Scotland, was like I had died and gone to heaven....utterly faultless performance with solid backing from Malcolm, Phil and Cliff. Brian gave a very energetic performance but Angus was posessed by the Gibson SG Gods, he never stopped nor faultered for 2+ hours.

    The setlist everyone already knows but my fave were Thunderstruck, Dirt Deeds,Rosie, The Jack,Shoot to Thrill and Let there be Rock which saw Angus deliver an equivalent solo to the famous "Oxygen mask" from the Paris gig in the 70's...if the crowd could have got to Angus, he would have been raised aloft, higher even than the telescopic platform launched him. The Encore with Loch Lomond, Highway to Hell and the Anthemic For those about to Rock, ended a completely unforgettable evening for me and I doubt I will ever forget it, my lasting memory will be looking straight up into the clear blue Scottish sky, arms aloft, eyes closed listening to a single Gibson SG reverberating around the stadium....utterly brilliant

    By kev stix, dunfermline scotland:
    Thank you for the best gig of my life, totally awesome. Brian stole the show until Let there be rock came on and Angus was just immense then. What a show, go an see for yourself, I promise you will not regret it. Thank you so much AC/DC.

    By Alex O'Rourke, Dundee:
    What can I say....they came...we saw....they Rocked...HARD !!! First Class.

    By Fergus Watson, Carstairs Village, Near Lanark:
    What can I say, the boys came home to Hampden Park last night and delivered more than 2 hours of pure adrenalin fueled magic. This is my 5th AC/DC gig from as long ago as the Glasgow Apollo, and last night was the best ever. The boys were up for it, the fans were up for it , and the weather was scorchio.

    Favs for me were shoot to thrill, highway to hell and the opening sequences, it was an awesome set and Glasgow rocked its socks off last night.

    Dave and rob what a great day, and to the bloke we met whose 38th gig it was !!!!!!!!

    If this "really is the last time"!!!!!!!! we salute you, and 30th June 2009 will be remembered for ever by all who witnessed the magic.

    I am checking oooot my Quantas Flights for March 2010!!!!!

    By Cheryl Collins, Scotland Glasgow:
    What a night we had, it was the best night of my life. The best concert we have been to and we have been to many. The atmosphere was electric. Angus Young - what a man how he keeps going he is fantastic and keeps the crowd entertained. Brian Johnson as well, he was amazing. We have to thank them for bringing this concert back to Scotland it will go down in history.

    By Jock Bell, Turriff, Aberdeenshire:
    From the first rumble of Rock and Roll Train to the last smoke from the guns at For Those About To Rock this must be the best live band in the history of rock.
    If there is a God he won't let this be the last tour.
    No band can or ever will take the place of AC/DC.

    By Alan Irwin, Northern Ireland:
    What a night! My first ever DC concert, and they not only met expectations, they blew them away. By Back In Black they were in full swing, and never once slowed up. The band hasn't lost a step even in their autumn years.

    The stuff off the new album sounded fantastic (as did everything else), particularly War Machine, which blew me away. You Shook Me All Night Long was also one of the best songs of the night.

    The fireworks display at the end of the show was the perfect finale. DC finished their European tour on a hell of a high.

    By Steve Kirkwood, CUMBRIA ENGLAND:
    Incredible. Angus solo the greatest thing I have ever seen and I am a Man United fan which takes some topping. Brian swinging from the bell, just superb. More tours please!

    By Donald, Perth:
    Wow, I've been waiting for this gig since I got my tickets in December 2008, and after seeing AC/DC on the last three tours at the SECC in Glasgow, got to say this, that's the best gig ever, what a performance from Brian Johnson and yes Angus was again amazing, also I got some amazing photos of Angus when he was doing his solo during Let There Be Rock.
    Only down side the support band Subways were absolute rubbish, but who cares about the support, it's AC/DC we have all paid for.
    Let's hope the boys don't call it a day!

    By Skin, Newcastle upon Tyne.:
    Well if this was their final show in the UK what a way to bow out. As with the Wembley show I was completely blown away. Angus and Brian covered every inch of the stage and didn't look or act like they were both over the half century hurdle. Malcolm, Cliff and Phil were as tight as a sharks arse at 40 fathoms. Malcolm even got his old White Falcon guitar out for 'Shoot to Thrill'. The summer heat didn't slow these boys down. Thanks for 2 amazing shows lads, I salute you. Thank you and farewell.

    By Andy, Glasgow:
    Superb gig. Very loud, but nothing that the earplugs couldn't sort out. Storming performance with a 25 minute solo from Angus that ended the night perfectly. The encore (complete with a performance of "Bonny") was just right, and was amazing to witness.

    By Alex, Glasgow:
    What an effort. The boys done good and put everything into the gig. It was one sweaty night Glasgow and no effort was spared. The Black Ice songs were useful, allowing the audience to go to the toilet while they were on. I swear 1/2 the main stand went during war machine, a wise choice. With Riff Raff and Bad Boy Boogie long gone, it was never going to be the gig of my dreams.
    The quality of the sound system was truly terrible. No clarity at all. Final moan, wasn't really impressed with the album adverts at the end.

    By Andrew Dick, Glasgow:
    Wow, that was the best gig I've ever seen, and I've seen a few. If this was the last concert in Glasgow, what a way to go out. They've got nothing more to prove, quite simply the greatest live band on the planet. I bow down to the official king of Scotland, hail King Angus!

    By HENRY GOURLEY, Glosgow, UK:
    Saw the band few time at the old Glasgow Apollo I thought they were good, the Hampden gig was just the best ever, some energy guys!!

    By brian jeffrey, Scotland:

    By Davy Brown, Glasgow, United Kingdom:
    Fantastic. They are legends.
    Fourth time I've seen these guys, everyone of the times in Glasgow. 1982 was my debut. This time I brought my own laddie along. As 1982 was my first gig, so 2009 is his. What a baptism for him.
    The only thing the changes over the years is that the guys look a bit older (who doesn't?!), and the stage gets a bit bigger.
    Apart from that it's pretty consistent to previous performances. And why not, because it sure is a winning formula.
    Brian's energy is commendable, and doesn't he just love his job. Cliff, Phil and Malcolm just crank it out relentlessly. Angus is still God. What batteries is he running on?
    Loved the set. Great balance between the old classics and the new stuff. Highlight for me was Rosie. Beano didn't bother singing the first verse. He didn't need to, we done it for him. He looked like he loved that.
    Thunderstruck and You Shook me all night long were superb.
    Dog eat dog was a real surprise. Very enjoyable.
    Marks out of a 10. Can only be a 10.
    Please tell me that it's not the last time...

    By Jamie Duncanson, Glasgow:
    2nd time I have seen them this tour (Manchester) and 7th in all and as usual they were fabulous. Awesome show & sound, crowed were up for it and the band were on fire.
    My family were with me (wife and two kids 8 & 5)and they loved it also. Just hope that's not the last we see them as i could watch them every night of the week. WHAT A BAND!

    By Peter K, Orkney:
    I've been going to concerts for over 30 years. Seen The Who, Bowie, the Stones and many, many more. This was the best of them all. Simple as that.

    The atmosphere in the city centre before the gig was great too. It seemed like every pub was having an AC/DC party.

    By brian harvey, Erskine,Scotland:
    What a amazing concert. I've seen them a few times through the years but this was the best. Brian Johnson was incredible, how does he manage to run about like that at his age? Angus was his usual awesome self, the guitar solo he did on "let there be rock" was outstanding and amazing. Malcolm, Phil and Cliff were excellent also. I hope they do it again before putting their feet up.

    By Findlay, Glasgow:
    Waited years to see them and got completely ripped off like hundreds of other fans by being stuck in the west stand where you couldn't see the set or the band members, only saw them when they moved to the front of the stage, couldn't see Phil at all. The set list they played was fantastic, let down by poor sound in Hampden and an absolute disgraceful seating plan.
    Only hope they decide to tour again and get the chance to see them, if I wanted to just listen to them I could have saved £60 and listened to them at home. The promoter is a thief. End of.

    By Scott Walker, North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland:
    This was my first AC/DC concert as I have missed the last two tours due to ill health and work commitments. I was not disappointed!!! Seeing the band in the flesh was an unbelievable experience which i will never forget. The stage set up was beyond belief with the steam train, the Bell, the cannons and the amazing lighting.
    AC/DC are without doubt the best rock band ever.

    By brian mcmillan, oban, argyll, scotland:
    f*ckin speechless, I can die happy now.

    By Brian, Scotland:
    What can I say that hasn't already been said! The Glasgow crowd were something else which really added to the magic. This was the most amazing experience of my life and hope upon hope that this isn't the last time we get to see the daddy of all rock bands!

    By Kenny, Stornoway, Western Isles:
    2nd time I've seen them and even better than 1st, took my 9 year old son to his 1st ever concert and he loved it, with hindsight I should have got tickets for the stand as he couldn't see much, we did ask the stewards if we could move to seats that were free but they were about as friendly as a dose of flu. Great night though, Angus just fantastic and hope they come back to Scotland (not at Hampden though!)

    By stephen, GLASGOW SCOTLAND:

    By donald cathro, Crieff, Scotland:
    what can I say it was FANTASTIC, it was the best night ever, liked the stage set, the music great, the performance of the band was excellent, Angus was his usual rock and roll self, and Brian knocked out some incredible AC/DC tunes, well worth the money, still buzzing from it, and got lots of photos, can highly recommend anyone going to see AC/DC.

    By David Gerbic, San Francisco, CA:
    I saw AC/DC in Oakland in 2008 the first time they brought the Black Ice tour through the USA. I was absolutely stunned and energized by the performance. They were excellent!! Were as good or better than I have ever seen them, and I have seen them eight times since 1978. The crowd was on its feet the entire show. Angus amazed me with his energy and guitarmanship. Brian, Malcolm, and Phil were flawlessly in the groove. Great sound, great light show, great special effects. I had a smile on my face for days after the show. It inspired me. I bought tickets to their upcoming 2009 San Jose show the moment it was announced with the new leg of the tour.

    By Jamie H, Chesterfield, UK:
    Flew up to Glasgow from East Midlands on the Monday and had a wonderful days drinking in the City on Monday, hospitality of the Glaswegians second to none and certainly better than London the weekend before.

    A good sound drinking session in The Clockwork on the Tuesday prior to the Gig, again welcomed open armed by the locals.

    The Gig, having seen the boys four times on this tour, Paris, Bercy (Feb), Manchester & Birmingham (Apr) and Wembley Stadium the Friday before, I really thought they couldnt raise it any more as all four shows where great but Glasgow just topped it for me, the City, the people, the atmosphere in Hampden all second to none and then to top it off the Boys just reached another step higher, awesome display from the two fronters, Brian & Angus and the best rhythm section in the world delivered inch perfect as normal, I salute all of you.

    Just praying this aint the last excursion for us British & European fans, please come back in 2010 boys!!

    Thanks to the band for their level of performance and also to the public of Glasgow for being such good people.

    By Big Spud, Irvine:
    I'm still buzzin from this outstanding concert man!!! I've seen to a few gigs in my time guys, but I was blown away at Hampden Park. Better than any drugs I've done over the years...

    By Gaz Low , Blairgowrie, Scotland:
    Great gig, magnificent show.....have seen them in 1974, 1978 1982 and 2009...they get better if that's possible !! Keep on rockin !!

    By Tam Couper, Stirling:
    The best, the loudest and fandabbadosie gig I've ever been tae! Made T in the park look like a wet weekend. To see my all time favourite band in the national stadium wis nothin short of brilliant. The promoters should've got their baws chowed for yon ticket fiasco tho. Ma pals and I had a gid view of the show tho. It's a pity they didny play the halls, but I ain't complainin. Whit a way tae celebrate hame comin and solstice last year, yee effin haa. Keep rockin troops cos I and many of ma fella fans will keep comin back for mare!

    By Big S, Glasgow:
    A good night out but not as good as when I saw them in Birmingham. Stadium too big, Hampden sound not very good and too far from my heroes.

    By Jimmy Gaz Low, Blairgowrie, Scotland:
    What a night at Hampden Park, Glasgow!! AC/DC came, saw and conquered with one of the greatest rock shows to hit Scotland!! Kings of rock n roll they undoubtedly are and this show showed why they earned this title!! Keep on rockin AC/DC !!