AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set list

  • Rock N Roll Train
  • Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
  • Back In Black
  • Big Jack
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Shot Down In Flames
  • Thunderstruck
  • Black Ice
  • The Jack
  • Hells Bells
  • Shoot To Thrill
  • War Machine
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Anything Goes
  • You Shook Me All Night Long
  • T.N.T.
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Let There Be Rock
  • Highway To Hell
  • For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
  • Line Up

    Angus Young - Lead Guitar
    Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
    Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
    Cliff Williams - Bass
    Phil Rudd - Drums


    Supported by: The Answer, The Subways

    Tickets: £55.00/65.00

    Promoter: SJM Concerts

    Capacity: 70,000

    Attendance: 70,000


    Online reviews & articles:

  • AC/DC, Wembley Stadium, June 26th [In The News, 2009-06-29]
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  • Stonebreaker
  • Frank Will
  • shot_by_dai/Flickr
  • Fan reviews:

    By Kev , Bedford, UK:

    By Skin, Newcastle:
    26/6/09 Wembley stadium AC/DC.......We salute you. I think this has got to be the best performance I have seen from the band (and have seen them 10 + times). Age was no barrier and if you can show me a band half their age put on a show half as good then I'll eat my word's. Quite simply they were FUCKING AWESOME. Thanks Angus, Brian, Malcolm, Cliff and Phil.

    By BF, Telford:
    AC/DC were of the best shows I've seen them do.

    Their attitude and spirit was great..Brian's run back to the bell at the start of Hells Bells was classic.

    Audience reaction was brilliant especially the singing in You shook me all night long and Rosie. Personal favourites were Dirty Deeds Back in Black and Rock n Roll seemed to enjoy playing newer songs which was good by me!

    By Gary, Swindon:

    By Steve, Wolverhampton:
    Awesome show. 4th time seen band get better with age. Weather fantastic, atmosphere superb, venue superb, band electric and beer great. Keep on rocking, you're too good to stop. Thanx for a brilliant day

    By Andy , Fran, Brian and Janet, Essex:
    A fantastic display of pure rock from start to finish these guys seem to have forgotten to grow old. Angus with his solo's and tireless energy never cease to amaze, the guy is the best. This concert will go down as one of the best we have ever seen. Awesome thanks guys see you next time...hope this is not your last.

    By Andy, Swadlincote:
    Fan-F#@kin-Tastic. Where do you get that energy from Angus?
    A Great 2 hour set of pure class.

    By Mike, Northwich:
    Last saw this line up in Deeside, 1980. Absolutely exceeded all expectations as they surpassed themselves with the Wembley stands and pitch heaving to the rock n roll. Can't think of enough superlatives to laud this historic event. Profound emotions...

    By Giacomo, Madrid, Spain:
    I do not understand why in England concerts start so early.
    I saw AC DC in Madrid and the concert started at 10pm. It was already night. At Wembley AC/DC played half concert at daylight. The lights effect was very poor. Spanish audience was better too: People at Wembley were not able to sing "she's got the jack" and to scream at Angus' riffs during Let there be rock. British audience, u suck! Wembley was not full! Lots of empty seats!
    AC/DC were great but Wembley...

    By Andy Barr, Kent:
    This was the twenty seventh time I have seen the boys - and twenty seven times I have never been let down! Awesome show, fantastic crowd, great venue.

    By tez, buckfastliegh devon england:
    what an outstanding show, best show I've seen the guys do, had the whole stadium rocking from the the first beat to the last...

    By Bruno Mourao, Bury St. Edmuns:
    In this sort of day, in what I thought it was going to be a life time dream achievement, I was in for more than what I wished for, I was treated and spoiled like a little child who wants and gets its sweet.
    They done it for me and I will forever appreciate.

    By Gibran, London:
    Fuckin' most fantastic Gig I have ever been!
    No substitutes no mercy! AC/DC Rules!
    I hope there will be a DVD on this concert
    Long Live AC/DC!

    By Sean ,Tracy and Maurice, Leighton Buzzard:
    Just the best gig I have ever seen in my life. AC/DC just make you want to rock out from the first note until the end. We were all shattered at the end. Great sound, great stage set, great crowd and great performance. I just hope that this is not last time. AC/DC we salute you !


    By al healy, birmingham:
    Awesome, brilliant, the lads get better and better. Best live band on the planet !!!!! Let's hope it's not the last time we see them over here...

    By Gavin Dutton, Chester City, UK:
    Absolutly FUCKIN BRILLIANT!!! The 10th show for me it was the BEST even better than Donington 91, even tho I managed to get to the front for AC/DC back then.
    This time I've realised after 2000+ beers 18 yrs on age 40 I need to hit the Gym again 'cos I run out off stamina the crowd near the stage just went FUCKIN MENTAL I just had to eject for a spot further back!!

    From start to finish it was HARD ROCK N ROLL PLAYED VERY LOUD, they are the BEST ROCK N ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD that show will take some beating and one I won't forget!!

    The venue is just perfect for AC/DC's stage an sound those cannons would have probably took the roof off if it was closed, and the sound of the Bell just rang all around the stadium it was fantastic!!

    The sound of the Train was so loud and so real it, I almost had a panic attack it just echoed all around it was so unbelievable, just brilliant along with the fireworks display at the end... Ride on AC/DC keep Rockin don't give up your the BEST LOVE YOU ALL take care your die hard fan, GAV...

    P.S To my friend MAL who was at the show take it easy & get well soon or HELLS BELLS will be coming for you ole pal o mine....

    By Bob Adams, London:
    I last saw AC/DC on the If You Want Blood tour at Hammersmith Odean in London. I have always been a big fan but the Wembley show has endorsed my view that AC/DC are the greatest rock band there has ever been. A spectacular entrance with the train exploding on the stage followed by surprise after surprise. A giant Rosie sat astride the train, Brian swinging from a giant Bell and cannons blasting a finale. Cant wait for the next one.

    By Chris Neville, Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire.:
    What can you say? Saw the band at the NEC earlier this year and once again the boys proved why they are the best rock band in the world. After all these years they still enjoy what they do and the magic certainly reaches touches the audience. If the roof had been closed at Wembley it would have been blown clean off! The pyrotechnics/fireworks at the end were a nice finishing touch to a truly memorable night.

    By Sheila Hall, Norwich, Norfolk:
    Fantastic evening it was great to see the band again after 21 years. Thank you AC/DC for being the best live band in the world.

    By Daz, London:
    This was my first AC/DC concert and was one of the best I've seen. Rob obviously doesn't know what he's talking about especially as his review was posted the day before the concert. Angus is a legend. Pity they aren't playing more dates at the stadium as I would definitely be buying another ticket.

    By Chris Hilton, Nottingham:
    One of the most intense concerts I've every been to. From the moment they took to the stage the crowd went crazy. Angus was once again superb. These guys defy their age by the intensity of the show they put on. As far as I'm concerned it wasn't loud enough. The Answer were once again great but the Subways were pretty awful. The crowd gave their biggest cheer when the guy announced that they were going to play their last song and he had to revert to saying AC/DC as much as possible to get a decent response from the crowd. A memorable concert from the greatest rock band on the planet.

    By John Hallows, UK:
    The masters of Rock came back with vengance !!
    Quality from start to finish, the sound was as good as the Monsters of Rock '91 with the band showing that age, is but a number!!
    Keep rocking!!!!

    By tracy and michael fenlon, exeter, devon u.k:
    Wow what can I say, our first Wembley gig and our first AC/DC gig. Would've liked to have been closer and the video screens weren't quite in time with the sound, but it was quite possibly one of the best gigs that I've ever seen. Being a huge Bowie fan and only really spent money on seeing him in the past I have to say that AC/DC live was definitely up there with my main man! I really hope that they tour again as I'd like to take my husband and my youngest with me, they would've loved it! AC/DC you guys really know how to rock, Angus is as crazy as a coconut but boy is he entertaining. Absolutely loved it, thank you! xxx

    By Andy J, London:
    Even though Angus and the band are not as young as they used to be, last nights gig proved to be one of the best I have seen. A mixture of old and new, the band ripped through the set delighting the huge crowd who roared with approval at every crashing, thunderous chord. Balls out, in your face rock n roll, a virtuoso performance by one of the greatest rock bands in the world that left the huge audience wanting more. Absolutely tremendous! The best rock act on the circuit, don't miss out!

    By Helen Parker, Shropshire:
    AC/DC were absolutely AWESOME last night. Their age had no bearing on their performance what so ever, in fact, I think they were better than ever. Brian belted out the tunes non stop and sounded great, Angus still has the energy and his guitar playing was amazing.

    I am just gutted that there are no more open air concerts in England.

    Don't give up guys!!!!! You are still better than any of these young bands, you have stood the test of time and got better and better. Another album at least please!

    By Simon, Nottm England:
    Was overcome by another fantastic performance from AC/DC. Enjoyed every last drop of rock and roll at its best and was sad to see it end. Please don't make this your last tour boys because we all need to have more amazing nights out like this.

    By kevin, London:
    This was the best concert ever to hit Wembley, never seen the place rock so much to a great band, everything was great, music blinding, old men can still play, thanks AC/DC.
    Any one gets chance to go see the show, it rocks.

    By Rich, Evesham:
    Awesome as ever boys...... rock n roll for ever

    By Martin Bradley, Wellingborough UK:
    Fantastic, out of this world. like a bottle of wine getting better with age.

    By Spud, Grimsby:
    This was the first time I've seen the boys since the Blow Up Your Video tour. They have just blown my mind with their endless energy. I took my wife this time, who was not a 'DC fan, but she hasn't stopped talking about it since.
    Please keep on rockin for a few more years yet.
    YOU GUYS RULE !!!!!

    By gary, telford:
    14 times I have seen AC/DC, like everyone I spoke to afterwards they are the best. Wembley rocked as did Birmingham keep rocking lads no one will ever fill your shoes.

    By Will, London:
    What a night. AC/DC blew London away. Managed to get to the pit barrier for the last hour of the show. By the end I was bruised, battered, drenched in other people's sweat (nice) and ears ringing. But who cares, this is AC/DC. Thanks guys for a once in a lifetime experience.

    By dave, cambridge:
    Simply the best gig I have every been to, please boys do one more UK tour!! I'm not old enough to stop rocking yet.

    By paul jolly, chorley lancashire:
    Seen them 10 times now over 25 years. Wembley blow the lot away and Let there be rock was awsome. Don't stop now lads we need the best band on this planet to carry on. THE GREATEST BAND THERE HAS EVER BEEN. BON RIP.

    By janet and legs clark, sheffield:
    Absolutely amazing show, they look as good as they ever did if not better and Angus played an absolute blinder during his solo. Me and hubby headbanged our heads off in the moshpit, felt like we'd been run over the next day but well worth it and so was the obligatory deafness, thank you AC/DC!

    By Sid, Maidenhead:
    Great to see AC/DC with what could be the last time on British soil, shame that the sound was dreadful, after all these years of touring and with technology as it is now days, anyway shame that the set also had the same old songs that have been played for the last bunch of tours and available on any live album released in the last ten or so years (apart from the new ones of course which were great), sorry don't wish to be negative I'm a massive fan have been for 20 odd years just disappointed having spent a lot of hard earned and saved up money.
    Still enjoyed it though, who wouldn't?

    By Colin, Dover, Kent England:
    Well second time this year of seeing AC/DC, first time at the O2, and now at the home of English football. First impressions of the stadium very nice and unrestricted view. And AC/DC mind blowing experience yet again, absolutely loved the opening set and video of the runaway train, love to have a copy to watch. Brian was in good voice, Malcolm and Cliff working tirelessly in the back ground, Phil on form and focused as usual. And Angus well never stopped worked his socks off and gave the fans what they wanted, pure genius a one of a kind.

    If I had to complain it would be The Answer are pretty poor, never liked then at the O2 and the never entertained me here, and as for Subway, not bad too much fucking and swearing, should have stuck to the music more, but they were only a support band. And to honest every body was there to see AC/DC really, there music is so alive, it gives you that feel good factor, you leave the concert on a high, who needs drugs to get a buzz or be an a high.

    AC/DC do it every time for me, it will be a very sad day when they eventually retire, BUT NOT YET PLEASE BOYS. Because sadly that day will come, it's life, but what a massive loss to the world of music when that happens,so long live AC/DC and keep on rocking now and for ever. A footnote I loved both the shows at Wembley and the O2, just personally found the O2 arena much better acoustically, the sound in Wembley echoed too much for me, but hey loved the shows all the same.

    By amanda mccann, Nottingham, England:
    The concert was amazing! The guys didn't seem to have aged at all! They sure rocked wembley stadium. A good mix of new tracks and old favourites. Angus STILL rules!
    I just need to realise I have aged and maybe am too old for the arena now! Front row made for great pics tho! ;o) An amazing night of rock and roll!

    By steve mcclements, Essex, UK:
    Same old,same old. Disappointed with this gig,couldn't see despite being 5'11 and my poor wife who's 4'odd saw nothing. Same old set list, they've played the same 12, 13, 14 songs for years now and at Wembley think it was 5 songs off the god awfull Black Ice(4 too many).

    Drop TNT, Dirty Deeds, You Shook Me all Night Long, Dog Eat Dog and the crap from Black Ice. Add Riff Raff, Go Down, Live Wire, Guns For Hire, Walk All Over You, Rocker, Kicked in the Teeth to name a few.

    Metallica on their recent Death Magnetic UK tour did a different setlist every night.
    This Black Ice tour was no different from the Stiff Upper Lip tour,instead of the Angus statue it was a crappy old train.

    I love AC/DC, have done since 77 or 78 or whenever I first saw them on the British TV show Top of the Pops performing Rock n Roll Damnation. But recent CDs, SUL and Black Ice have been very poor to say the least, every album gets worse than the previous.
    Wembley was nothing special, I'd seen it all before.....same old, same old.

    By Graham Jones, Weymouth, Dorset, UK:
    What a night it was in London 26/06/09, AC/DC taking Wembley by storm.

    4 hours queuing in the heat, a place at the left front barrier by the runway between left n right of the stage, I could not have asked for more. Well I got it in the form of one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands of our time. This was what dreams are made of. The show was spectacular right from the start with the on screen visuals of Rock ‘n’ Roll Train to the train its self bursting through the parting screens.

    We were treated to the very best of AC/DC from old and new, Back in Black, Big Jack (I happened to go with my own in Jack Rolf), Dirty Deeds, Thunderstruck, The Jack (camera panning round for the ladies at the show to show us their wears), TNT and if that was not enough Rosie came to town to ride the train; she did that rather well I must say.

    If all this was not enough as a treat for the thousands there Angus preformed what was an impeccable solo from the centre of the stadium, glittery tickertape blowing through the lights, what a sight to behold.

    For the finally we had the canons exploding into life for the sublime For those about to rock.

    By Rob Williams, Calne Wilts England:
    The Answer didn't really seem to work to well with the crowd and the majority didn't really give a shit about the Subways after being let down by Thin Lizzy at the last minute. But when the boys hit the stage everything changed.

    They gave what the crowd expected. Playing hard sharp and heavy. Phil was just Phil never smiling just keeping the beat. Cliff was spot on as usual. Malcolm still proved he's one of the best rhythm guitarists in the world and good ol Brian still sounding great at sounding rough. No boring chit chat from our Brian. Just gets on and does what he's paid to do. And Angus? Jeez. Where does he get the energy from at his age? He was just awesome. He gives his best every single time and leaves the crowd breathless but begging for more. There might be better accomplished guitar players out there but there's not a single guitarist who can perform on stage as well as Angus does and I doubt if there ever will be. An icon. A legend.

    On the down side the set list was a bit iffy at times with a couple too many tracks from Black Ice which didn't seem to work well, but what pissed me off was it just wasn't loud enough!! Christ this is Rock 'n' Roll! Bring back the days of loud Rock music as its meant to be!

    By coffeeman, lincolnshire, england:
    What a day! Finally managed to get my girlfriend to come to see the best live rock band in the history of music, after years of "whats the attraction?" & "it's just a bloody noise"!. 10 seconds into Rock n' Roll Train, the Wembley floor bouncing, an amazing intro and she was grinning like a lunatic! How they manage to keep it together night in night out, with 70,000 people in the palm of their hands is incredible. You can't explain it to someone who has never seen them. Thanks guys for making me feel so alive!

    By drew, Glasgow, Scotland:
    hi all. Been to see the lads 6 times previously. Sorry to say not the most memorable. Stopped bouncin after about 4 songs, don't know if it was the crowd or maybe the lads are a bit slower themselves now but didn't have that electric feeling I usually get. I know Angus and Malcolm like to stick to the tried and trusted set but personally think it's time for a change and get some new old songs on the set list. You're still the best by far AC/DC but time to freshen it up before you chuck it.




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